Aroma Paws Collection

Aroma Paws Collection

Aroma Paws is an All Natural, Chemical Free line of grooming products for dogs.

They provide high quality grooming supplies that help animals with their health and wellness, enhancing the human-animal bonding experience, using earth derived ingredients, essential oils & botanical extracts.

Aroma Paws strives to manufacture wholesome grooming supplies that will not only nourish your dog’s skin & coat, but to protect them from harmful ingredients that may cause adverse affects.

Following are some of the ingredients that we DO NOT use and what you should be looking for when making your grooming product purchase.

Sodium Laureth/ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Alters skin structure allowing other chemicals to penetrate deep into the skin, allowing more of the toxic chemicals to reach the bloodstream.

Parabens: Alters hormone levels, possibly increasing risks for certain types of cancer.
Phthalates: Can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and male reproductive system.
Petrolatum: Can cause allergic reactions
Alcohol & Salt: Dries out your pets delicate skin and coat
Dyes & Synthetic Fragrances: Can irritate dogs sensitive skin