Business Updates

Here we are with more information on our up and coming business. We are so excited that our website is in it’s beginning stages. Check us out!!

Also, we have our sign going up this week!!

Here it is getting pieced together!

The guys, working so hard on the sign

and here it is with the final coat of primer and ready to get put up!!

There has been a lot of plumbing work and it’s all getting very messy! Here’s a few pics to see how it’s been going…

this was the beginning of our wood staining project

(vinegar+steel scrubbing pads= stinky stained fingers for a week)

Placement of a future pet wash tub!

the guts of our walls! This will soon be filled with insulation so it won’t be so loud to our dear neighbors.

Gotta keep the peace!

That’s right! IT’S ON!! Our sign is up!! And it looks amazing!

As things are moving along, we are finding ourselves running across a few minor set backs. The tubs were ordered a few weeks late which means our opening won’t be till the second week of November. Their coming in from Hong Kong and it takes 30 days for shipment. Once they arrive, it’s hustle time, baby!!

We are trying to cut back on costs as much as possible, so we hired a plumber that didn’t have a license. Well, cheap is great, but now we have a few things that needs fixing in order to get passed for our inspection, and costs are starting to go over our heads!

Last, but not least, our excellent design team (obviously) is on a time crunch which makes some things a little more stressful. We hope to still get our cool design we had in mind within our budget in an appropriate amount of time!

But, when it’s all said and done, we are still enjoying our learning experiences. The fun and the stressful! And we look forward to it all paying off when we open our doors!

Thanks again!

God Bless,