Our New Spot

HELLO! Our names are Liz and Jess. We are opening a self serve dog wash in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. We scored an awesome location on Sunset Boulevard. It’s a great spot, easy to find, and has PARKING!! Yeah, that’s right! Anyway, it’s really nice! Check it out…

As of today we have finished all thing necessary to insure the location. Yesterday we locked our domain name (washingspotla.com) (coming soon) and tomorrow we meet with our designers. Everyday is an adventure as we start our business and we want to keep you informed during the process as well as whatever the future may bring. We are just two regular Janes who got shoved into a tiny front desk as receptionists and found ourselves destined for bigger and better things. Now here WE are! Only a few weeks left at our jobs and stressed at a new level. Yup, we’re starting a business! Our FIRST one and we’re STOKED!!!

Front View
Back View

Well, it’s just a blank canvas at the moment but you just wait… It’s gonna be AWESOME!! We aren’t planning to open your average frilly dog store. Our sleek modern design will be sure to catch your eye. We can’t wait to show you all! Stay tuned for more to come..

God Bless,