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Visit Us: 2620 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Call Us: 1(213) 375-7119

Visit Us: 2620 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Call Us: 1(213) 375-7119

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Bathing Service

Our All-Inclusive
Dog Bathing Service in Silver Lake/Echo Park

Your pet will look and smell amazing after a professional grooming session at Washing Spot, but it can be difficult to keep your little love clean between those sessions. Whether you have taken your dog to the dog park recently or you have had a fun time playing together in the backyard, your furry friend may be in critical need of a dog bath. At Washing Spot, we provide an all-inclusive bathing service.

Bathing your dog at home is a stressful mess. Our groomers and stylists at Washing Spot are dedicated to the important goal of helping Silver Lake and Echo Park pet owners keeping their pets looking and smelling great. Your dog will likely need to be bathed a few times in between full grooming treatments, and we are happy to do the work for you through a pet bath service. More than a basic bath, this service keeps your pet happy and healthy. 

We recommend that you make an appointment before your arrival so that your dog will receive our full attention without a wait.
If you are ready to book an appointment, click here.


Small Breed

$65 and up

Medium Breed

$85 and up

Large Breed

$125 and up

X-Large Breed

$180 and up

Pricing for Bathing Services are estimates only. Prices are based on size of dog, condition of coat and temperament.

Bathing Includes

Complete Brush Out & De-shedding Treatment

Warm Water Shampoo & Conditioning Bath

Blueberry Facial: tear-free shampoo

Nail Trim

Clean Teeth Gel


Gland Expression (only upon request)

Ear Cleaning

Professionally Hand Dried & Fluffed Coat

Silky Finish Dirt Repellent

Deodorizing Spritz



Extra Charge for Curly Coated Breeds & Double Coated Breeds. Deshedding & Fluffing is included.

We are always available to bathe and groom your pets. Simply make an appointment, and we will be ready when you arrive. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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